Less is More

For the past month, I have been living somewhat of a nomadic lifestyle. Before moving into my beautiful new flat, I spent one month with friends and family alike living out of one trusty suitcase. It was liberating. I have since reclaimed all of my belongings from various locations. As I unpack bag after bag of clothing and come to terms with all that I have hoarded over the years, I can’t help but feel utter shame. So, in my quest to compile the perfect wardrobe I have decided to de-weed and downsize my own. I have always enjoyed the less daunting prospect of a compact wardrobe that a suitcase provides. Of course, I enjoy the other benefits that usually come with a suitcase; travel, warm weather, new & exciting cultures and delicious treats to tempt the taste-buds! I’m a Taurus and was recently informed by my colleague that this particular star-sign is motivated only by the senses. In this instance, I would have to say I agree! Not only do I love living out of a suitcase, but I also love collecting them. I hope to one day own the complete Louis Vuitton luggage set but until then I’m happy with my vintage finds. Not only do these suitcases make for the perfect travel companion, but I also use them to house belts, clutches, hats and gloves – they are a perfect storage solution and look great piled up at the end of your bed.

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